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WiseTime secures a US patent for core parts of our software

We're excited to share the news that our private autonomous timekeeping software has been issued a US Patent on core parts of its autonomous time recording features.

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We’re excited to share this milestone, as our software has been officially granted a US patent for its core features.

Our enterprise-grade private time recording software for law firms is something that we are deeply proud of, as we have witnessed how it streamlines workflows and improves billing utilisation rates for our clients. Being recognised by the USPTO for our unique features is truly an important milestone for us.

WiseTime has been granted a patent in the US for its timeline algorithm that produces a summarised yet accurate view of a user’s work time.

The innovative software that helps law firms improve their internal processes also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid its users organising their time. It is the first of its kind and changes the way time is captured and made available to users.

Unlike generic time tracking tools, WiseTime automatically records users’ activities throughout the day, providing useful insights that can be used to improve a firm’s billing utilisation.

The data generated by WiseTime helps law firms to spot trends in their performance and ensures that lawyers are spending their time effectively, improving the firm’s billing utilisation rates.

WiseTime distils a lawyer’s activity down to their key tasks, eliminating non-essential activity to provide a cleaner, more insightful overview of where the individual’s focus is spent over a set period of time.

Thomas Haines, CEO and founder of WiseTime says:

‘‘It is an important milestone to have our US patent granted after much rigorous examination from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This algorithm is the foundation of WiseTime and what makes our software truly unique and valuable.

Being recognised now under US law for our innovation is a great accomplishment for our team, and of the instructing counsel at Fleuchaus & Gallo.

We welcome law firms of any size to try our software and see how meaningful data can transform their business.’’

WiseTime decreases administration time by feeding directly into existing billing systems. Law firms can easily create detailed invoices using the software and produce billing reports at the click of a button.

Our latest feature, Assisted Tagging, uses AI to suggest relevant tags for a lawyer’s time entries. Over time, the algorithm becomes smarter and starts suggesting tags automatically that reflect the work being carried out.

Importantly, WiseTime is the only product in the time recording space that takes a radical privacy-first approach to data, even matching the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation requirements, and gives users and law firms alike complete control of their data and privacy preferences.