“WiseTime has become an indispensable part of my practice administration. The cost of the application pales in comparison to the increase in revenue which it generates. Since its implementation, WiseTime has contributed to a nearly 40% increase in billable time capture in my practice. I recommend the product unequivocally.”

My name is Martin Schweiger, I’m a patent attorney in Singapore and in Munich, and we are a patent and trademark firm. Mainly we serve clients from Germany, Singapore, then also overseas associates; so a pretty diverse firm.

Prior to WiseTime we had our self-created software. That software was a bit cumbersome for attorneys to enter time. The overall value of WiseTime to our business is mainly monetary I would say and also ease of use, of course, and also a tremendous help in improving our processes.

It was my suspicion that we lose a lot of billing time. Within the first few days I just recovered an additional billing time that is good for paying the software for 6 months.

WiseTime is used to also improve our office processes. For 2 or 3 months we measured how much time we spend in the office for incoming mail and I was really surprised. And again, measuring with WiseTime we could save 80% on the work time spent on incoming mail. Only WiseTime made it visible.

One year in, how do I rate it? I mean just the fact that we still have it and we will keep it is enough right? It says enough about the software.

So it became a piece of software that I cannot live without anymore.