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Nelson Ocampo

Flow is like a state of mind. It’s how you work and how you feel when time flies. You know when you’re doing something and you start at 8 and then before you know it, it’s 10 at night and you’re like wow what just happened?

I do a lot of corporate law. I really enjoy doing that and what happens sometimes though is that I’ll be doing several projects at once. I’ll be working on one project somebody will call me, somebody will come into my office, I’ll look something up. When I’m doing all these different things it becomes difficult for me to track everything. It’s difficult for me to say ok ill sit from 8-9 to do this and then 9-11 to do that. Because the projects that I do don’t wait for each other. They just happen as they happen in real time.

How does WiseTime help you flow?

For me WiseTime helps me stay in that mindset by not having to worry about starting a clock or stopping a clock. It just records all of my activities that I’m doing on my computer, and then I can filter those out, and delete what I want and keep the ones that I want to track and then post them. It becomes simple because it’s reading what I’m doing as opposed to me having to take some proactive step to start a timer or stop a timer and worry about a decimal here and a decimal there. It just does it for me and gets out of the way so I can continue to work and remain in that mindset. I used to have to stop and think about everything and say ‘oh yeah and then this person called me’ and I would have to manually think about that. But with WiseTime it automatically keeps track of that. It reads what i’m doing, sometimes the title page of the browser or the document that I’m working on, and it just gets out of the way and lets me do my thing and deal with my clients and matters. 

What about results?

Yeah, I’ve definitely increased my billable hours and efficiency because I have more time to tend to work than to sit there and think about what it is that I did and take an extra 30 to 60 minutes every night first to solve that and then to record it. That’s the good thing – it solves that and tells you what hours you’ve done but then it’s also recorded – it’s already entered into the computer and presented. So yeah it results in more billable hours; it’s great. 

It doesn’t miss a beat. Literally, it doesn’t miss a beat of the current.

WiseTime  helps hundred of legal practices utilise their time more efficiently and improve their work flow. Without having to keep time manually, or think about time recording, lawyers are able to focus more on their matters and clients.

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