eFiLiA® IP

eFiLiA® – electronic File Lifecycle Application by Interasco - allows you to implement all of the necessary business processes quickly and easily. Now, by connecting WiseTime to your business process platform, you can streamline and improve your timekeeping and invoicing processes even further.

Increase the power of the eFiLiA® Framework

Increase the power of the eFiLiA® Framework

Interasco’s eFiLiA® Framework offers firms tools to maximise the effectiveness of their workflows and the efficiency of their processes. This powerful set of tools ensures that enterprises of every size have a sophisticated yet simple framework for the administration of their electronic files and processes.

Let WiseTime be your memory

Let WiseTime be your memory

WiseTime will be your memory throughout the day, so you can focus on your work knowing that no tasks will get forgotten when it comes time to submit the information to eFiLiA®.

Just like your memory, the information will be totally private to you until you decide to share it. WiseTime will privately capture things like the date (1), the hour segment you worked in (2) and the duration of time spent on the task within that hour (#).

WiseTime cleverly identifies any eFiLiA® reference numbers and automatically tags them for you (3), so that you can send them straight to the right place in your system whenever you’re ready.

You can choose to add a descriptive narrative (4) and even decided whether or not you want to include all the detailed descriptions of your activities (4).

When you’re ready to send your time entries to eFiLiA®, simply select them, and press post.

All the right info in all the right places

All the right info in all the right places

When you post your time information from WiseTime, the tags (3) – or eFiLiA® references – let WiseTime know which files to post the time to.

Within eFiLiA® everything works as normal from here, just as if you were to manually enter all of these details, but of course without having to do so!

The date and time are captured (1), the duration is presented (2) and the description of the task (4).

So without having to worry about writing down tasks, starting and stopping timers, or doing any manual entry, all of the detail of your day can be sent straight to the correct files within eFiLiA® with a few clicks.

Maximise the efficiency of your administration processes even more by connecting eFiLiA® to WiseTime today.

Interasco GmbH – Software solutions that suit your company

Interasco is an established solution provider that develops, implements and implements industry-specific enterprise solutions based on the eFiLiA® platform. At Interasco, experienced IT experts develop tailor-made software and integrated individual solutions for companies. Based on the file-based enterprise content management system eFiLiA®, state-of-the-art software development processes and mature quality management are used to map, integrate and optimally support a wide range of company and business-specific processes. eFiLiA® is used by the group through to small and medium-sized enterprises and forms an excellent platform for the depiction of file-related processes.