Patricia® Connector

WiseTime is able to seamlessly connect to Patricia® to post your time entries for billing. With our managed connection service included in the Enterprise plan, we can have you set up in only a few hours.

The WiseTime connector for Patricia®, by Patrix AB, reduces even more manual administration from timekeeping and billing. With the WiseTime connection active, all of your case references from Patricia® will be automatically synced through as tags within WiseTime. Whenever you create a new case in Patricia®, it will also be automatically added to WiseTime.

Whenever a case reference is detected in your subject line or window title, WiseTime will tag your activity with the relevant case reference. Tags let WiseTime know where in Patricia® to send your time information. After you post time to Patricia® with a relevant tag assigned to it, this information will appear in the billing section of the relevant case file. WiseTime also allows you to log your time using different work codes so that you can specify the respective task type for your posted time.

In the screenshot to the right, you will see how the time entries from WiseTime end up in Patricia® once posted. The screenshot is of one particular case file.

  1. Date of activity
  2. Time. Patricia® allows you to differentiate between worked time and charged time, so if you post 3 hours but with a no-charge code you will see the distinction here.
  3. Word code or charge code
  4. The case file reference that was tagged within WiseTime doesn’t appear here for privacy purposes
  5. The narrative entered appears above the timeline data
  6. The timeline data, if included, appears below the narrative

The WiseTime for Patricia® Connector is available on our Enterprise plan. View the full plan inclusions here.

Patricia® is a registered trademark of Patrix AB, Sweden

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