"We are capturing more time in our day as a result of [WiseTime]"

Find out how The Ross Firm uses WiseTime to improve their practice

Imagine never having to manually record a minute, and still reaching 5 o’clock with a detailed draft of your day’s activity.

  • Autonomous, AI powered timekeeping. Never miss a minute & no start-stop clocks
  • Connect to your billing system for shorter billing cycles & no double entry
  • Account for every minute, without wasting any on timekeeping
  • Don't compromise on individual privacy. Learn more about how we design for user privacy

Autonomous and AI timekeeping that accurately captures every billable minute and allocates it to the right case. No manual entry or start-stop. Simply review your drafted timesheet before sending activities to your billing system. Focus on your clients, not on admin.

WiseTime makes billing more efficient. Every minute you work is captured in your private timeline and allocated to the correct case. Attorneys receive detailed, accurate data that allows them to bill clients faster through their existing systems. 

WiseTime is for attorneys with more important things to do than timekeeping. Increase your billable hours and save time by outsourcing your timekeeping to WiseTime today.

What other attorney's say

Within the first few days I just recovered an additional billing time that is good for paying the software for 6 months.

We could save 80% on the work time spent on incoming mail. Only WiseTime made it visible.

Martin Schweiger

Principal, Schweiger & Partners

I've definitely increased my billable hours and efficiency because I have more time to tend to work than to sit there and think about what it is that I did.

It just gets out of the way and lets me do my thing and deal with my clients and matters.

Nelson Ocampo

Managing Attorney, Ocampo PLLC

Since its implementation, WiseTime has contributed to a nearly 40% increase in billable time capture in my practice.

I recommend the product unequivocally.

Joshua Upin

Attorney, United States