Jira Connector

With a team of developers in-house, it was only natural that we would develop a Jira Connector for WiseTime. This has been a complete game-changer for the way our diverse and globally distributed team works between platforms.

Our pre-built Jira Connector means that WiseTime can plug into Atlassian’s popular issue & project tracking software. This allows for agile & scrum project managers to automatically track project time & activity for each employee.

You can continue to multitask throughout your day and know that WiseTime is collating all of your activity into your private timeline. This means no need to interrupt your flow while still having meticulous timekeeping.

With the Jira connection active, WiseTime will be aware of all ticket numbers in real time and be able to identify them in the activity within the timeline when present. For example, when you are viewing a Jira ticket, the ticket number is present in the window title which allows WiseTime to detect it and tag it automatically. You can very quickly and easily sort your day’s work into various tags or tickets before posting your time.

Once your time is posted, the connector uses the tagged ticket number to add the time to the relevant tickets within Jira. The total time logged by all is then accumulated and available to view in each ticket. WiseTime can also provide individual or collated team time reports to show you how much time was spent on each ticket.

With the accuracy and ease of autonomous timekeeping from WiseTime connected to your Jira you will see major improvements in forecasting and budgeting affecting the success of your projects.

The Jira Server Connector is available as part of our Enterprise plan, while the Jira Cloud Connector is available as part of the Professional plan. View the full plan inclusions here. 

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