Inprotech Connector

Our WiseTime for Inprotech Connector allows you to seamlessly post your time entries into your timesheet without even opening Inprotech. With our managed connection service included in the Enterprise plan, we can have you set up in only a few hours.

Our connector for the Inprotech Practice Management System by CPA Global allows you to post your time information directly into your timesheet with the click of a button. The activity you post from WiseTime will flow straight into Inprotech without you having to manually enter anything or even open Inprotech.

Once WiseTime is connected to Inprotech, all case numbers will be sent from your Inprotech database to WiseTime. This allows WiseTime to create tags from all of your case numbers and then automatically tag your time entries when the case number is detected.

Your private WiseTime timeline

Your private WiseTime timeline

You can view, edit and amend the time information in your private WiseTime console prior to posting anything to Inprotech.

Whenever time entries are posted from WiseTime to Inprotech, the tags assigned to the entries let WiseTime know where in Inprotech to allocate the time information to. This means that at the click of a button the time information from your day can be sent to all of the right case files in Inprotech, ready for billing, and with a great level of detail and accuracy.

Your activity codes also appear in WiseTime and can be assigned prior to posting to Inprotech. Using the grouping function, you can add narratives which will be shown in your Inprotech invoices and you can decide if you want to send the detailed time information to Inprotech or not.

Your timesheet in Inprotech

Your timesheet in Inprotech

All of your time information will flow seamlessly into Inprotech and will be assigned to the case that was tagged within WiseTime, using the activity code that you specified. If no activity code was specified then your standard rate is applied.

All of your activity is sent straight to the case file at the click of a button without you even having to open Inprotech.

The WiseTime for Inprotech Connector is available on our Enterprise plan. View the full plan inclusions here.

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