Save Time & Money with Our Smart Timekeeping App

Know Exactly Where Your Time Is Going

Without relying on memory or manual input, you'll have data you can truly trust. In your private timeline you'll see just where your day went, so you can dissect it and analyse it, making decisions and billing clients with absolute certainty.

Smart AI & Machine Learning Technology

No more manual entry or spending hours filling in timesheets. Our patented clever algorithms capture and collate your time, and automatically tag your clients, projects or cases. They get smarter as you work, constantly decreasing the amount of time you have to spend on admin.

Connect to your existing systems

WiseTime was designed to easily plugin to existing systems, so that you can send your time activity directly to your billing, project management or case management system. No need to transcribe or export - seamlessly send your activity whenever you're ready at the click of a button.

Try it free for 30 days

Our 30 day free trial gives you the opportunity to try out our patented, smart timekeeping app for free. No strings attached. Sign up and connect WiseTime to your current systems to start making your time work for you.