By connecting WiseTime to Allisa, you can get truly powerful results with data you can trust. Using the latest AI technology combined with WiseTime's autonomous time capture, you can be more productive than ever.

The Allisa Low-Code Digitization Platform is a tool for modelling and automating complex business processes. By connecting WiseTime to Allisa, you can enrich your Allisa project management processes and much more, with valuable attention data that is privately and autonomously captured.

The data obtained using WiseTime not only allows for increased accuracy when billing for time and materials, it also enables real-time insight into how your projects are progressing.

Events such as automated escalations can be triggered based on pre-set rules or predictive AI-models in Allisa using information from WiseTime that streams directly into your system.

It is even possible to trigger project control events using combinations of manually recorded steps and activities, autonomously captured by WiseTime.

Pairing WiseTime’s intelligence with Allisa’s SONAL®technology enables unique insights into your project flows, allowing you to identify inefficiencies or delays before they become a problem, and providing you with confidence that your business is performing optimally.